How to Ensure Your Home Security System is Working Properly

Learn how often you should test your home security system and why it's important for safety. Find out what steps you need to take for regular testing.

How to Ensure Your Home Security System is Working Properly

Safety is of utmost importance when you have a family to protect, so having a security system in place is essential.

Home security systems

can range from fire and theft alarms, door and window entry alarms, internal and external video monitoring systems, to complete home automation. To guarantee that your system is working properly, it's important to perform regular tests and maintenance. The United States Fire Administration (USFA) recommends checking smoke alarms at least once a month.

This ensures that everything is functioning properly. The best way to make sure your security alarm system is working correctly is to perform a signal test with your system and contact the monitoring center. Allied Fire & Security suggests performing this simple test once a month. ADT also recommends testing your security systems at least once a month, and this is a good goal to strive for regardless of the system you have.

When testing your security system, it's important to warn people in advance. It's best to have a professional perform the test since many security systems and monitoring services rely on remote connections. Any changes to your Internet connection should result in additional testing. A professional security company should test its security system on a monthly basis, including testing smoke detectors, fire alarms, and burglar alarms.

It may take some time to test all the components, but knowing that you can trust your security system is worth it.Add security system tests to your monthly home maintenance and security checklist so you don't forget it. If you have any questions about testing the system or operating your system, do not hesitate to contact the Allied Fire & Security customer service center. If you need to update your security system or if it's time to test your current one, Absolute Security can do the work necessary to keep it safe.Regular system testing and maintenance is the only way to ensure that your security system will work during an emergency. To guarantee that your home security system is functioning properly, it's important to check and prove that it works at least once a month.

This will help detect any problems in advance and schedule the service if necessary.

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