What is the Best Home Security System Brand?

Find out which is the best brand for your home security needs: Vivint Smart Home System from SimpliSafe or ADT Command from Ring Alarm Pro from Wyze Home Monitoring System from Abode iota.

What is the Best Home Security System Brand?

The Vivint smart home is an ideal choice for homeowners who need a professionally supervised security system, but don't want to worry about installation issues. A trained professional installs all the components and the company offers excellent technical support on the phone and at home. You can save some money with a DIY system from SimpliSafe, but in that case, you'll have to install everything yourself and do without the touchscreen video control panel. Despite being the most expensive home security system we've ever tested, the ADT Command wins the Editors' Choice award for its excellent customer service, its wide range of home security and automation components, and its excellent mobile and web applications.

In addition to ADT's own range of cameras, doorbells and sensors, you can add third-party Z-Wave devices that allow you to control the system using Alexa and Google Assistant commands. The ADT Command is a great option for homeowners who require a home security system installed and monitored by professionals, with class-leading service and perfect home automation features. This system works with a wide variety of smart home and security devices, although of course this protection isn't cheap. The ease of use, affordability, and flexible configuration and monitoring options make the SimpliSafe home security system one of our top picks for a home security system.We love that SimpliSafe offers pre-configured packages for homes of all sizes and that there are many low-cost components available for DIY configurations.

This system was easy to install and worked as intended, plus it offers professional monitoring at a reasonable cost, should you need it. The Ring Alarm Pro is a hybrid home security system that works like a Wi-Fi 6 mesh router. It gets high marks for its simple setup process, reasonably priced monitoring options, and its ability to bring Wi-Fi 6 connectivity to every corner of your home. It has an auxiliary battery that keeps everything running for up to 24 hours and uses a cellular radio to provide Internet connectivity in the event of a power outage.If you're looking for a smart home security system and want to upgrade your home network to Wi-Fi 6 at the same time, the Ring Alarm Pro does both.

You can customize this versatile system with a variety of sensors and it's compatible with all Ring video doorbells, cameras and lighting devices. It also has an integrated Eero 6 router that you can pair with satellite nodes to cover homes of all sizes with Wi-Fi 6.The Wyze Home Monitoring system is easily the most affordable DIY security system we've found; in fact, the hardware is free if you subscribe to a one-year professional monitoring plan. It's fully customizable and offers everything you need to protect your home, including entry and motion sensors, climate sensors, cameras, and a keyboard. The system is easy to install and works with all other Wyze smart devices, such as cameras, doorbells, smart plugs and locks.

Budget-conscious homeowners should appreciate the rock-bottom price of the Wyze Home Monitoring system and its equally affordable components.As with most DIY systems, it's easy to install and allows you to monitor it yourself or opt for professional protection. It also works with many other Wyze devices. The Abode iota all-in-one security kit provides an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to add a smart home security system to their home or apartment. It's easy to install, extremely scalable, and compatible with almost every home automation platform on the market.Finally, Z-Wave and Zigbee devices use AES 128 encryption and, since they operate in a closed system with a dedicated hub, they are more secure than Wi-Fi devices.

The Blue by ADT home security system is an excellent choice if you already have one or more Blue by ADT cameras and want to create a customized security system around those devices. Almost all standalone security cameras connect to your home Wi-Fi network, so you can see what's happening from your phone or tablet. Because it offers impressive disaster protection equipment, it's one of the best security systems for homes in areas prone to floods, wildfires, or other natural disasters.Alder has many industry-standard home security options such as smart home automation with Amazon Alexa and easy-to-install equipment. Still, if you want more peace of mind about the safety of your family and belongings - as well as knowing someone will call emergency services in case of need - then a security system can play an invaluable role.

Most home security devices are compatible with Alexa and Google Home smart centers but if you prefer Apple HomeKit or another smart home ecosystem then you may have to do some extra shopping around to find a system compatible with your existing smart home devices. Several cities such as Los Angeles also require a permit to own and operate a home security system.Many other home security companies offer customized packages but Abode's monitoring plans are affordable and flexible.

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